John Marshall - CEO

John Marshall

At the age of 17 John started a business that thrived well into his twenties. With that first company, he began a long line of successful businesses.

In the 80’s he would start what would become one of the most successful commercial production companies in Hollywood : GMS. While that company was busy winning Cleos and awards like “Production Company of the Year,” he sought to find a way to improve the efficiency of the business. As one of Hollywood’s youngest producers John knew that the two things a production company needs the most are: equipment and a place to film.

And with that he founded Location Creations. A one-stop shop for all of the production companies in Hollywood. Location Creations provided film cameras, as well as every other piece of equipment a crew might need for a shoot, including a stage.

As an actor himself, he starred alongside his sister Melanie Griffith and stepmother Tippi Hedren in the ferocious comedy film ‘Roar’, directed and produced by his father Noel Marshall. National Geographic has dubbed the movie as the most dangerous film ever made.

John Marshall was already a veteran actor at 15. He had appeared in an Andy Griffith television series, in variety shows with Bob Hope and had made over 70 commercials. He was also under contract to 20th Century Fox, and for his first role in a major picture played opposite Jackie Gleason in "Poppa's Delicate Condition."
Marshall is also a co-founder of Lite and Hope, a company which endeavors to educate and raise awareness about morbid obesity, doubling as a referral website for gastric bypass surgeons.
John heads Villains and works with his producing partner Mel Elorche on the development of feature films and documentaries.